Small Space Saviors – Multipurpose Furniture With Clever Storage Solutions

Small Space Saviors - Multipurpose Furniture With Clever Storage Solutions

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Living in a small space can make storage a challenge. However, there are many multipurpose furniture pieces with clever storage solutions that can help maximize space in compact homes. From ottomans that double as storage to beds with secret compartments, this transformable furniture pulls double duty, providing both function and storage in one. 

Ottomans That Offer Hidden Storage

Ottomans are a popular multipurpose furniture choice for small spaces. Many feature lift-top lids that reveal spacious storage compartments inside. Try using ottomans to hold extra throws and blankets in living rooms, toys in kids’ bedrooms, or bath accessories in master suites. Some even have tray tops that lift off to create additional levels of storage. Look for ottomans on casters that can easily glide from room to room as portable storage vessels.

Coffee Tables With Concealed Storage

Coffee Tables With Concealed Storage

Like ottomans, many coffee tables today serve as subtle storage solutions too. Lift-top coffee tables have empty space under their tops to tuck away remotes, magazines, and other clutter. Some coffee tables feature large bottom drawers with gorgeous glide systems to access interior storage as well. Others have shelving under the tabletop for storing and displaying decorative baskets or books. A storage coffee table instantly reduces visual clutter in living rooms.

Beds That Stash Extra Storage

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From headboards with compartments to footboards with hidden drawers, today’s beds do more than provide a spot for sleeping. For instance, storage beds have space underneath to slide bins or baskets to organize linens, clothes, or seasonal items. Some platform beds have dozens of pull-out drawers built right into the base, maximizing storage. Murphy beds and wall beds fold up into vertical storage positions to save precious floor space when not in use. Trundle beds offer two mattresses – one slides under the other when not needed.

Dining Tables with Dual Functions 

Dining Tables with Dual Functions 

Many modern designers and 3D renderers integrate clever storage in dining table designs. Expandable dining tables have leaves that slide out to accommodate extra guests and can stash away when not hosting large gatherings. Some pedestal dining tables feature storage cubbies in the column base for arranging table linens. Bench seating with hidden storage is a space-saver at dining tables as well. Look for benches with lift-top seats or removable cushions that reveal interior storage compartments. 

Desks That Multitask 

For working from home in tight quarters, a Murphy desk or wall desk can fold flush against the wall when not in use. Secretary desks have desktop workspaces that lift open to provide cubbies, shelves, and file storage. Desks with hutch units above offer tons of storage for paperwork, supplies, and electronics. For small bedrooms, choose a desk with a bed built into one side so it pulls double duty.

Sofas and Sectionals with Secret Storage

Sofas and Sectionals with Secret Storage

Sofas and sectionals take up considerable space in living rooms, so why not choose ones with built-in storage? Many sectionals have ottoman extensions with storage inside. Some sofas contain lift-top storage areas under the cushions to stash blankets or media accessories out of sight. Look for sofas on casters or with drop-down backs; these transform into beds for overnight guests when needed. 

Shelving That Does More

When floor space is limited, shelving units that serve multiple purposes come in handy. For example, wall-mounted bookshelves with integrated desk space below create a workspace that shares vertical storage above. Tall shelving units on casters can have baskets and bins to organize supplies; then they simply wheel where you need them. Entryway storage benches provide seating and interior storage in one. 

Cabinetry Designed to Conceal 

Cabinetry Designed to Conceal 

Well-designed cabinetry hides everything from TVs to kitchen appliances. Look for media cabinets with components to conceal and organize AV equipment, gaming consoles, etc. In the kitchen, try cabinetry with pull-out, two-tiered shelving, spice racks, and other inserts to fully utilize interior space. Shallow cabinetry fits around plumbing, appliances, chimneys, etc., while still offering storage. Armoires continue to be bathroom storage workhorses.


In small settings, furniture that serves more than one function is a lifesaver. Chests and trunks at the foot of beds hold extra linens and store seasonal clothes. Nesting tables slide under each other when not all are needed for serving. Mirrors double as doorways to medicine cabinets in bathrooms. The right multipurpose, storage-savvy furniture selections can make living comfortably in a small home completely doable. With some clever ideas and compact pieces, it’s amazing how much can fit into limited square footage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ottomans are a good storage solution for small spaces because many feature lift-top lids that reveal spacious storage compartments inside. They can hold anything from blankets to toys to bath accessories. Ottomans with casters easily glide from room to room as portable storage.

Coffee tables are a versatile storage solution because many feature lift-tops, large bottom drawers, or shelving to tuck away items and reduce visual clutter in living rooms. The storage compartments are hidden and integrated seamlessly.

Beds can provide extra storage in small spaces through built-in storage underneath, pull-out drawers integrated into the base, Murphy beds that fold vertically, and trundle beds with a second mattress that slides away underneath.

Dining tables incorporate clever storage through expandable leaves that tuck away, pedestal bases with built-in cubbies, and benches with lift-top seats or removable cushions to reveal interior storage.

Desks that multitask are useful in compact homes through features like fold-down Murphy beds, hutch storage, and secretary desks where the desktop lifts to reveal concealed storage inside. They allow for a workspace and storage.

Sofas and sectionals offer storage capabilities like ottoman extensions with interior storage inside, lift-top storage areas under cushions, and pull-out beds to accommodate overnight guests as needed.

Shelving can meet multiple needs through built-in desk spaces, interior storage bins and baskets on casters, entryway benches that provide seating and storage, and wall-mounted bookshelves with desk space below.

Cabinetry is essential for storage in small spaces because it can conceal and organize AV components, gaming consoles, kitchen appliances, and more. Specialized inserts, pull-outs, and built-in racks all maximize interior storage.