Problems Faced By Every Architect & It’s Solution

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The Life Of An Architect

Nothing comes easy in life, that’s a fact. Every path is filled with struggles and hardships that cannot be avoided. In the field of architecture, every experienced architect has a list of the struggles they have faced in their career. Every project an architect works on, no matter how diverse they are, is ladened with problems, and sometimes these problems have common grounds. 

From the challenges of new technology to the struggle of coming up with creative ideas, there are many multitudes of problems faced by architects. In the current time, companies are constantly in the search for high speed and low cost over design quality which increases the overall pressure every architect already feels.

Let us take a better look at the problems faced by them.

Problems Faced By Every Architect

Here is a list of problems that architects most architects face in the industry. Most of the time, it depends on the project details and the requirements of the clients.

1. Being Unique In The Market

In the past, when the artist Pablo Picasso quoted, “Good artist copy, great artist steal”, maybe this is what he meant. Currently, technology has connected everyone through the web of social media. Words and information reach from one corner of the world to the other in a matter of milliseconds. With this constant exposure to media and information, you end up seeing familiar designs and visuals as your co-workers and competitor, which you sometimes unconsciously incorporate into our works. As artists, you always take inspiration from each other or from similar sources, which can lead to identical outputs.

In all these circumstances, it is always a struggle to create interior and exterior architectures new and innovative; something that nobody has ever seen in the market. People are always on the hunt for fresh and unique designs, and sometimes it can become impossible to meet those expectations.

2. Keeping Up With Technological Advancements

Everything has a good and a bad side. Technology is a boon to us in so many ways, but it is also a bane to many. In the architecture industry, there are many designs software and tools that architects, and 3D artists use to create their designs. Especially with the increase in digital marketing and visualisation in the past decade, it has become a vital necessity to create 3D visuals for your projects. And with technology developing every single day at a rapid pace, sometimes it becomes impossible to catch up to it.

The knowledge you have about your software can become a piece of outdated information in a matter of a few weeks or months. And sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to step out of working with technologies that we are familiar with and move on to new and advanced techniques. As an architect, you always have to keep learning about the new updates available in the market to incorporate into your designs.

3. Crossing The Communication Gap

Every human being has a mind of its own that thinks differently from one another. We might look at the same object but generate different thoughts in our respective minds. This is a unique ability of humans that has led to many wonderful achievements. But at the same time, it can be an easy road to miscommunication between two people.

Words don’t really serve justice when it comes to conveying one’s vision about your project. Whether you and your clients speak the same language or not, you can’t get 100% clarity of what they want in their final results with talking. And sometimes, you might encounter people who are unsure of what they exactly want and some people who are very vague with their idea. In such situations, 3D visualisation does serve as a solution, but it has it limits as well. Even while portraying your ideas visually, you still have to go through many back-and-forth revisions and corrections until you reach a final decision with your client.

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4. Having To Make Everything Affordable

With numerous people in the market on the lookout for affordable housing, construction companies are in a craze to make affordable housing options. This has led to a decrease in the value of good design quality and preferences for a quick pace and low-cost properties. For those architects who have worked in creating high-end buildings and mansions their entire life, making affordable housing options is a big struggle.

With cost and time prioritized over quality of work, many architects find it hard to sell their ideas to the audience. For architects, almost every project they design is a dream they want to bring to life. And in most cases, these dreams remained unfulfilled

5. Sharing The Field With Others

Many say teamwork makes the dream work. But is that true in all cases? As an architect, you never play alone in the game. In big and complex projects, an architect will always be accompanied by a team of professionals. So, in these situations, it is crucial to coordinate with each other and thrive for success together. Everyone in the team should make sure to complete their given tasks on time and update their process regularly. And this is always not a smooth road, there will always be some speed bumps ahead, slowing down the entire process.

Another aspect is having to deal with builders, who also have burdens of problems with the project. Architects and builders have to work together to fulfil a client’s dream, but this doesn’t necessarily work out all the time as both parties might feel the lack of being listed to and adjusted.

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6. Workload And Deadlines

Work stress can cause a big impact on the overall productivity of a person. Though some might admit working well under pressure, it is not the same for many people. Sometimes architects have to work under strict deadlines with a large amount of work in that period of time. The main aim of architects is to create designs that will enchant clients and grab their attention in the crowd of other competitors. To generate these results takes time and effort. But in the competitive market, people expect the best results in the quickest time possible. This leads to a lot of pressure on architects to work endlessly to meet deadlines and provide the best results.

Remedies For The Problems

Not all problems have clear-cut solutions to them. Sometimes, you have to adjust and work around it. We can see that architects go through many challenges in their day-to-day work life. Some might be minor with easy solutions, while some are a roadblock that stalls the entire process. No matter how big or small the problem, it is always important to constantly look out for solutions to overcome them.

When you are aware of the issues that are prominent in your occupation beforehand, it gives you the advantage of being prepared and helps you find a quick fix for it. No matter what the field is, every game comes with its challenges. That’s why it is always better to be prepared for it.  Not all problems have clear-cut solutions to them. Sometimes, you have to adjust and work around it. We can see that architects go through many challenges in their day-to-day work life. Some might be minor with easy solutions, while some are a roadblock that stalls the entire process. No matter how big or small the problem, it is always important to constantly look out for solutions to overcome them.

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1. Put In Extra Effort For Research

In order to avoid similar designs, it is important to looker deeper and find sources that are not openly available to everyone. This can help make sure your idea stays unique and make you stand out in the crowd. It doesn’t mean your idea will be 100% because that is almost impossible to achieve. But it will make sure you can come up with something new for your designs.

2. Always Ask Questions

Communication is crucial but so is comprehension. To make sure that you understand every element of your client’s vision, from major features to the smallest details, you have to constantly enquire with clients and offer your ideas and suggestions to them. That way you can establish a good form of communication with your client.

3. Working Collaboratively

In order to work in collaboration with every party involved in the process, you need to keep looking out for every member and their progress. You need to communicate with them openly about every issue to make sure that the entire process flows smoothly. You can also use collaborative tools available on the internet to sure you are on track with your team. Take time to focus on creating a mutually beneficial relationship between you, the builders, and other teams involved.

4. Be Organised

When the workload gets heavy, it is always helpful to be organised with your work. That way you can keep a track of your team’s progress, and the deadlines and figure out a way to help quicken the process. If certain deadlines are not met, you can discuss the issue with your team members and find a solution to the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Architects often encounter challenges such as the struggle to create unique designs in a highly connected world, keeping up with rapid technological advancements, facing communication gaps with clients, adapting to the demand for affordable projects, coordinating with teams and builders, and dealing with workload and tight deadlines.

To maintain uniqueness, architects can delve deeper into less common sources for inspiration, conduct thorough research to find exclusive ideas, and avoid incorporating overly familiar design elements from competitors or co-workers.

Openly offering ideas and suggestions can help establish clearer communication and ensure that the client’s requirements are fully comprehended.

To work collaboratively, architects should maintain regular communication with all parties involved in the project.

Architects can find reputable 3D rendering companies that specialize in exterior rendering to avail high-quality visualization services.

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