Discover Innovative Design at the 2023 Interior Design Expo

Discover Innovative Design at the 2023 Interior Design Expo

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Welcome to the fun and thrilling year that is 2023. The year has fantastic design events incorporating exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences. Feel free to explore the latest tradeshows in the world of interiors. Below, we look at various shows that occur on different dates within the calendar across the entire globe.



Decorex is one of those events that will occur between 8th and 11th October at Olympia London. The design show provides a space like no other for connection with the finest interior brands in the design industry and discovery of the latest collection of products. Decorex is known to have an outstanding 45-year legacy of creating connections within the design community. It is the final design destination with a unique list of exuberant exhibitors who organize famous talks programs with interactive components that significantly impact creativity. Explore the latest collections of more than 250 brands at Decorex 2023. Search for a great selection of products from various exhibitors incorporating fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, and lighting. Check out: Events for interior designers in the UK: Top 15 not to miss in 2023.

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023, Sweden

stockholm furniture fair

Stockholm Furniture Fair is the largest gathering of Scandinavian designers and suppliers globally. Their halls will be filled with Scandinavian furniture for some days. They will also be having lighting designs for both commercial and residential spaces. If you are interested, you can find them between the 7th and the 11th of February, 2023, in Stockholmsassan.

3d residential rendering


Using the right marketing strategy does wonders for your sale, and visual representation is a powerful tool for it. Under 3D Interior Rendering, we provide 3D renderings that are specially created for interior design.



Bring your design ideas to life and wow your clients with our realistic 3D house designs. With the latest software and technology, we can transform your concepts into stunning, photorealistic renderings that are sure to impress your clients.

London Design Week, UK  

london design week 1

The long-awaited London Design Week is a deco expo and spring design event with numerous creative ideas, motivations, and knowledge. London Design Festival is hosted in London, UK, between March 13th and 17th; you will be the first to see and receive the latest releases; listen to the experts in business regardless of whether you are an expert in trading or a design professional.

The show takes six days of new launches and collaborations of designers. It incorporates sessions of meeting the designers, having discovery tours, demonstrations of artistic works and professional guidance and encounters. The show displays trending collections inspired by complex globe-spanning and the longest-running designs referenced by history. The main stage holds conversations regarding improved methods with a set of global stars like Kit Kemp, Francis Sultana and Russel Sage. Check out Events for Architects in the UK: Top 7 to attend in 2023.

Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Show 2023

Hotel Restaurant and Catering Show 2023 1

It is the only dedicated front-of-house show between March 2nd and 22nd, 2023. Suppliers ensure they meet the demands of clients facing the needs of hospitality outlets. It deals in furniture like tables, linen design services, staffing needs and accessories. The interior and tabletop show utilizes 3D interior rendering, the proper application for exhibitors showcasing their business and vending products to potential buyers seeking 3D rendering services for interior designs.

3d interior rendering of living room


Using the right marketing strategy does wonders for your sale, and visual representation is a powerful tool for it. Under 3D Interior Rendering, we provide 3D renderings that are specially created for interior design.

Creating a 3D Rendering Project Technical Assignment


3D Architectural Visualisation is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you showcase property’s internal and external to the prospective client with the right lighting, environment, and material finishes.

The Property Investor and Home Buyer Show 2023

The Property Investor and Home Buyer Show 2023

This event brings a simple exhibition of UK and International residential property and services.25% of the built environment will be set aside for international property and offers the chance to compare developed markets abroad like Spain and the USA with upcoming locations like Nigeria, Germany and Romania. Global developers and agents will be present together with specialists who can hold talks and workshops on moving abroad, buying and selling.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2023

The show deals in ceramics glass fabrics

Clerkenwell Design Week celebrates 14 years between the 23rd and 25th of May and is widespread across several locations in Clerkenwell East Central London EC1. The show takes pride in its exhibitions and more than 60 showrooms, including a wealth generated from innovative agencies, talks, product launches and workshops. The show deals in ceramics, glass, fabrics and textiles, flooring, graphics and furniture, all with the help of architectural visualization.

Birmingham Design Festival 2023

Birmingham Design Festival 2023

This festival is widely celebrated across Birmingham between 9th and 11th June 2023. Its first festival was held in 2018, and that is when it established itself as a legitimate and reachable fun event that caught the entire city’s attention. The event also lured visitors into exploring Birmingham. The event had thousands of visitors and several speakers worldwide who displayed 30 venues and celebrated everything the design industry offers. The design industry offers animation, traditional graphic design and special effects. They provide over 80 hours of free workshops and talks incorporated with headline events at low costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though timeless white walls will never be out of fashion, people continue seeking more convenience in various forms at home. These include warm wood tones, moody wallpaper, painted nooks and rich cushioning.

With this fashion, in 2023, we will see interiors whereby decorations made with plant decorations, handmade elements, sustainable furniture, and materials made of wood will be the standard bearer of the place.

People slowly shift from white, light and airy to deep and complicated darker shades like green and rust. We are slowly adopting a balance between contemporary features and ancient components. The increased earthy, natural feel is a supplementary building of this interest.

The interior design industry is constantly growing and revolutionary. With the shifting fashions and technologies, designers are always looking for new ways to improve the inventions and operation of spaces.

In 2023, we anticipate more gradients that utilize bright colors, organic forms and effects of 3D to develop appealing visuals. The software applications facilitate graphic designers to create efficient and productive designs.

Interior designers keep in touch with famous interior designers and design firms available on social media platforms like Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram. These social media programs are a sustaining source of creativity and display famous fashions from across the globe.

Trending colors for 2023 give thought to the virtual world where we spend more time. They include pink, yellow, lavender and mint. The shades bring life into a home when combined.