Choosing The Right Software For Creating High-Quality Rendered Floor Plans

Choosing The Right Software For Creating High-Quality Rendered Floor Plans

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Floor plans are a significant part of any building project. They offer the foundation for which more immense and compounded structures can be developed. Unfortunately, coming up with designs and creating a great floor plan can prove to be a challenging task for several people, especially those who need a background in either design or architecture.

Luckily, some various tools and solutions can simplify this process. This can be achieved either by utilizing general-purpose CAD software or unique architectural 3D rendering tools. A floor plan is a design of a structure that lays out how it will look in the future after completion. It significantly impacts showcasing the eventual look of a form to simplify it for booth constructors and engineers when working. Below are some of the best 3D floor plan tools at the moment based on various factors like costs.

1. Revizto


Even though Revizto is only partially devoted to building floor plan design software, it is a tremendous BIM-aligned association program incorporated with floor plan features. The tool has a diverse and wide range of abilities like visibility control, issue tracking, sharing of cameras, 2D and 3D maps, and several other features. It also has excellent compatibility with many well-known BIM-related software in retail. Revizto has a higher competitive edge over other tools due to its ability to integrate with other applications. Furthermore, it can track issues and detect clashes. The software provides details of their prices on the contact.

2. Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo

If you are seeking premium software to facilitate 3D Architectural visualization of your created designs realistically, then Foyr Neo is the best design tool. This tool has no critics of whether you are a homeowner, interior designer, or architect. It has an interface that is user-friendly and easy to comprehend. One of its impressive features is the ability to develop a striking 3D walkthrough with just a single click. The tool comes with a free trial of 14 days whenever you sign up. Its subscription is charged at $49 per month.

3. Sketch Up


Trimble SketchUp is a popular application utilized in various architectural design fields. The tool is specifically tailored for those seeking to create models with more particulars and sometimes even develop a career as a 3D artist. One of its most significant merits is the fact that it has an immeasurable model and symbol library freely provided on SketchUp warehouse and unlimited cloud storage. Suppose you are a team member of a group seeking seamless cooperation through diversified programs like mobile devices or even operating systems like Linux and iOS. There is a fall in the learning curve when learning different tools and attachments contained in the Sketch-Up extensions. Even though the basic version of SketchUp is freely available, the pricing gets as high as $119 to $699 for every year.

4. Floor planner


Floor Planner is a software worth your while when it comes to 3D Floor plans. It is an attractive floor plan that will not only visualize your ideas but also market them. They have a massive library of blocks with daily items like furniture, accessories, and cabinetry that collectively enable detailed visualization. The software facilitates its users to precisely place the plans of windows, walls, and doors. However, the software has the demerit of limiting a person to drafting blueprints for 3D designs and 2D projects. The software cannot create both high-resolution renders for scenes and 3D rendering services. The pricing of this software ranges from $5 to $599 for every month, considering its usage and requirements. Read also Exploring the Power of 3D Floor Plans: 5 Key Advantages for Realtors in Closing Deals.

5. Planner 5D

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is one of the most exciting and user-friendly floor planning software. Its main advantage is that it can produce VR, AI, and AR-aided images with lighting and shadows. It has a 5000-plus item catalog that has easily facilitated the architectural and interior design visualizing process through various programs. One of its most unique features is its Augmented Reality Technology, which allows users to redevelop tangible products virtually. Even though it provides a free subscription, it has parts that require a separate payment. The price to either update or redecorate a room in a house starts at $99 and is known as the décor package. The price for designing and renovating a space from zero begins at $179 and is referred to as the Overhaul package.

6. HomeByMe


Just like Floorplanner, HomeByme is envisioned to create a virtual 3D model of your home so that you play around with it. It provides room for you to create a floor plan with finer details as well as shop for outstanding accessories and furniture designs. This software will give you the ability to come up with a one-floor plan for free as a trial period. However, the software has a disadvantage since its interface is prone to lagging and, as a result, crashes. This can be a significant loss of files and data as you work on your construction projects. The fair pricing ranges from $29 to $63 every month. Read also the advantages of Realistic 3D rendering in Property Development.

7. Roomle


Roomle is outstanding due to its ability to process 4k rendering in real time. It is majorly used for high-end photorealistic renders of products and is considered to be detail-oriented. When it comes to AR product design, Roomle is the perfect software due to its ability to showcase products from every angle with finer details and annotations. You can view and analyze details like texture, color, material, and many others. However, it has a limitation since it cannot produce entire floor plans effectively or even 3D models of the whole house. This, therefore, makes it suitable for AR and product designers, including the sales channels. The pricing ranges from $156 to 1256 for every month.

8. Room Sketcher


The software is used for creating floor plans and 3D visualization of the room you are designing. For a floor plan creator, they have an outstanding feature that allows you to develop 2D or 3D floor plans and realistic 3D interior rendering in the format of 360-degree panorama with just a single click. It is very crucial for advertisements. To work on our uploaded structures or sketches, you can hire experts at Roomsketcher. However, if you are a beginner in designing software, this tool is not practical since its user interface is not friendly. Reports have been made regarding numerous glitches in the app on both Mac and Android versions. The subscriptions are offered from a cost of $38 to $ 99 every month. There is also a separate price-on-request model, which is provided to customers who need over 100 floor plans every month.

9. Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is the ideal software for use over a short duration. It is elementary when it comes to creating room layouts and home designs. It can also easily incorporate windows and doors into your plan with just a simple drag-and-drop action. Afterward, you can include furniture designs from their extensive catalog to provide appealing finishing touches to the visualization design. It is an open-source software that everyone can utilize. However, the software has a limitation: its upgraded version can only run when diverse extra plug-ins are separately installed. Its pricing ranges from $15 to $ 500.

10. SmartDraw


Several User Interface development and features of the software have yet to progress right after their first hype and release. SmartDraw, however, is one of the programs that has kept on growing through various versions. It has now become a powerful drawing tool that can easily design a home specified to your desires. Moreover, the program can help you develop various types of flowcharts, schematics, and graphs. It also provides a vast library with a significant number of furniture and objects that you can use as templates daily. It also has an additional ability to develop specific materials for your design. Its pricing starts at $9.95 for a single user and $2995 for a team per month.

11. Planningwiz


If you are seeking a fast and straightforward visualization for your design, then Planningwiz is the best software. It offers assistance in making rooms and adding windows, doors, and materials. One of its outstanding abilities is its ability to upload a sketch or a structure of a floor plan and make it correlative. You can include décor and furniture into the project to facilitate a better space. It is an accessible way for real estate agents to be able to provide simple designs to either your workers or contractors. It offers a free version with readily crucial tools, and its prices start from $10.90 per month for a regular user and $ 15.90 per month for a Pro.

12. Civil 3D

Civil 3D

Civil 3D from AutoDesk is also one of the unique software. It is a toolkit that is objectified towards civil engineers with precise objectives. It can also be used in generating house plans in 3D. However, there are limitations since the number of details you expect from a standard floor plan toolkit would be less than the number from other generators of floor plans.


Floor planning software can hasten your work and remote collaboration with your team to make an impression on your clients through outstanding photorealistic designs. Through designed elements such as personalized window openings, themed décor, and the types of floors, you will never have to overlook your ambitions due to lack of performance. Choosing a 3D floor plan tool does not have to be a difficult task. Even though there are various tools in the market, you should never be confused on what to pick.  All you have to do is take into consideration all the factors discussed above before making your final choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

AutoCAD Architecture generates precise and actual floor plans in both 2D and 3D.

It is a representation of a 2D floor plan with the 3D respective.

The cost of a 3D house plan varies depending on various factors like project complexity, the service provider and the size of the house.

A floor plan is a visual representation of a home’s interior. It communicates the name and size of a room and even the finer details.

A 3D floor plan is made by use of a 3D floor plan software. The software allows designers to explain the project and assists clients visualize themselves in the house being built.

As long as you have the tools and your own creative inspiration you can design your own floor plan.