12 Inspiring Interior Design Blogs You Need to Follow in 2023

12 Inspiring Interior Design Blogs You Need to Follow in 2023

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Sometimes, finding inspiration for your interior design project can be challenging. There is always a variety of choices to make when designing a home. Decisions like the type of furniture, home accessories and décor to use in the design and decoration of a home can be overwhelming. This is why a list of the top interior design blogs of 2023 will be a savior for many. These blogs contain practical tips to apply in home décor and interior design. The internet has facilitated the availability of information and inspiration online, making it easy for anyone to share their interior design projects and inspiration with the world. From this, people can pick their favorite interior design and find the inspiration they need. The following is a list of the top interior design blogs in 2023.

1. My Design Chic

This was founded in North Carolina by a mother, Beth Woodson and her daughter, Kristy Woodson. The duo’s philosophy is embracing “beauty for the sake of beauty” in the home. They believe that the first step towards a happy life is decorating your home in a way that you find beautiful. This belief is reflected in every content found on their site. The site is beautiful and appealing to browse. The house tours and practical interior decorating tips are created for inspiration and education.

2. Lone Fox

3d interior rendering of bedroom

The Lone Fox YouTube channel has been tremendously famous since 2018 and has more than one million subscribers tuning in for DIY interior design tips and inspiration. Drew Scott, the founder of the channel, launched the interior design blog as a part of the channel. This created space to share more details and shopping links of the supplies utilized in his videos. The site is fantastic, especially if you are looking for affordable DIY projects for the home. Moreover, the site also vends a variety of handmade home accessories like mugs, clothing and candles.

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3. Amber Interiors

This is a famous residential design studio in California pioneered by Amber Lewis, an influential designer. The Amber Interiors blog anchors on the company’s interior design projects with elegant photographs of clients’ homes. These homes portray Amber’s love of colorful textures, light-filled rooms, natural elements and brushed metals, which could even be better with 3D residential rendering. Amber Lewis is ranked as one of the best experts in interior design, and their blog is purely inspirational.

4. All Sorts of

3d interior rendering of living room

It is an interior design blog that belongs to Amber Lewis and showcases Amber Lewis’ design styles. All sorts center on every aspect of design, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. It also provides several helpful tips on lifestyle topics, business and style. The interior design blog contains valuable tips on interior design, from a choice of paint colors to moving into a new home. Every article comes with beautiful photographs of lovely interior design projects. This can also be improved by interior rendering.

5. ELLE Décor

Most people have heard about the fashion and beauty magazine known as ELLE but are ignorant that they have an interior design blog referred to as ELLE Décor. The interior design blog contains articles on how to compose and decorate interior spaces, how to handle a room makeover and even tours of the homes of celebrities. This is made more accessible with the use of 360 VR house tours. If you are looking for outstanding modern and creative designs, this blog is the perfect source of inspiration.

6. Remodelista

This blog is among the few that go into finer details on home décor and interior design styles. It also gives examples of interiors to inspire you, which can be enhanced by 3D rendering services. Remodelista provides in-depth information concerning specific products, design dispatches and remodeling guides. This blog has built a reputation as a highly curated sourcebook for the home. It also has a sister site, Gardenista, which offers the same services for outdoor designs.

7. Home Designing

3d interior rendering of living room

This blog has a simple but ambitious mission: to help people visualize, create and maintain beautiful homes. It explores every aspect of home design, which could be refined by 3D architectural animation. The blog provides ideas and inspiration for your chosen style, including the indoor space. Home designing articles include room-by-room design solutions, detailed product and gift guides and examples of homes from across the globe. The site has an in-depth exploration of certain design styles that are explicitly informative and inspirational.

8. Young House Love

The pioneers of Young House Love, John and Sherry Petersik, have fixed several homes, designed products, written books and even created a podcast on interior design. Their DIY and interior design skills have been displayed in their excellent blog, Young House Love. This blog features thousands of examples of inspiring room makeovers and ambitious redecorations, including the couple’s projects. This blog differs from most because it focuses on smaller spaces and innovative ways to make the most of interior spaces.

9. Anika’s DIY Life

Anika Gandhi, a blogger, grew up in India, where she learned various handmade crafts. She lacked access to power tools, pushing her to develop excellent handmade DIY skills. She utilized this expertise by developing Anika’s DIY Life blog. The blog aims to “empower and inspire you with ideas, tools and skills you need on your journey to fill your life with DIY”. There are also many helpful articles on how to carry out home décor DIY projects with minimal resources. The results of these works are impressive and inspiring. They also have images of every step of the process for one to follow along.

10. Chris Loves Julia

This blog, Chris Loves Julia, was developed in 2009 and has been a success since then. It is established based on loving the home that you’re in and making it beautiful along the way. The interior design embraces homes at each stage, right from fixing it to the time finishing touches are added. The blog has incredible DIY ideas and significant resources. The blog is unique since it shares details on where they shop.

11. Coco Kelley

3d interior rendering living room with kitchen

Cassandra La Valle founded Coco Kelley, focusing on minor details. Their philosophy is expressed in the blog’s educative design guides, which usually include artwork, vintage ornaments and layers to give spaces a unique twist. Other than listing interior design tips, Coco Kelley is full of impressive topics such as fashion tips, house tours, travel and food.

12. Apartment Therapy

This is more than just an interior design blog. It explores all aspects of home life, such as cleaning, storage, investing tips, saving, budgeting and DIY how-to guides. The writers also include their personal stories in the articles in relatable and exciting ways. Apartment Therapy is centered on real people and real examples of living spaces designed by people with varying available resources. This blog is a beautiful way to get inspired on every aspect of design and homemaking, especially if you are on a tight budget.


The best way to explore how indoor spaces can be transformed would be to check out these interior design blogs. Because there are several interior design blogs, one can now make choices based on their specialized needs like finances and taste. These blogs teach helpful tips on transforming your interior design project, regardless of whether professionals or skilled amateurs have written them.

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