10 Best Free Home, Room, and Interior Design Apps in 2023

12 Best Free Home, Room, and Interior Design Apps in 2023

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Interior design and home decoration have become more accessible than ever with the rise of free home design apps throught which we can render our interior rendering. These user-friendly interior design tools allow anyone to easily visualize and plan home renovations, decorating projects or floor plans. From augmented reality functionality to simple drag-and-drop decorating, these apps make it possible to create floor plans, design challenging room layouts, and décor spaces with real furniture and decorations.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the 12 best free home design apps for interior decoration available in 2023. Whether you’re a design novice or seasoned pro, these free and intuitive home design apps will bring your decorating dreams to life. Read on for an in-depth look at each app’s standout features and how they can upgrade your next home project.

1. HomeByMe - Best for Floor Plan Drawing


HomeByMe stands out for its intuitive floor plan drawing features. This popular home design app makes it easy for amateurs to draft accurate layouts for every project.

Built-in tools allow you to create room shapes or draw freehand plans from scratch. HomeByMe’s interface smooths technical aspects of floor planning like adding walls, windows, and doors. Furnishing and décor are simple with their catalogue of name-brand items for every room.

Switch views between 2D blueprints and 3D furnished interiors. HomeByMe also offers an augmented reality mode that overlays your designs onto real rooms. Conveniently access this user-friendly app on desktop, iOS, and Android.

2. Room Planner - Best for Virtually Trying IKEA


Room Planner is the go-to home design app for virtually trying IKEA products in your space. As the official app of the furniture retailer, it offers one of the most robust catalogues for interior planning and visualization.

Easily populate room designs with thousands of IKEA products. Use Room Planner’s intuitive interface to adjust item sizes, colors, and placement. Switch seamlessly between 2D floor plans and 3D room views. You can even take photos of your space to use as a starting point.

As an added perk, completed room designs integrate with the IKEA online store for a streamlined shopping experience. Room Planner is free on iOS and Android. The user-friendly interface makes this a top choice for IKEA lovers.

3. Planner 5D - Best Web-Based Design App

planner 5d

Experience robust home design on any device with Planner 5D’s web-based and app versions. This powerful program mimics professional CAD software with technical tools for expert-level planning.

Standard features include creating multi-level floor plans, 5000+ furnishing/décor items, and photorealistic 3D visualization. Planner 5D facilitates projects of any size, from individual rooms to exterior home design. Use the user-friendly editor to customize furnishings, textures, and lighting for true-to-life visualizations.

While Planner 5D offers excellent free features, upgrading to premium adds advantages like team collaboration and more design assets. Enjoy home design freedom across devices by accessing Planner 5D online or as iOS and Android apps.

4. Homestyler - Best Overall Home Design App

homestyler social

With versatile 3D rendering  services and decorating tools, Homestyler earns the top spot as the best overall home design app. Users praise its realistic visualization and simple drag-and-drop function for furniture and decorations.
Homestyler lets you create floor plans and then design interiors room by room. Choose furniture and décor from their catalogue of over 100,000 items. Their 3D rendering creates a life-like visualization of your design. Other handy features include a home remodeling tool, 1000+ textures, and photo upload capability.
While Homestyler offers a free basic version, unlocking all features requires a paid subscription starting at $4.99 per month. But for most users, the free version provides ample interior design capabilities.

Creating a 3D Rendering Project Technical Assignment


3D Architectural Visualisation is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you showcase property’s internal and external to the prospective client with the right lighting, environment, and material finishes. Our 3D Visuals represents accurate visualisations of your designs without breaking your pockets.

3d interior rendering of living room


Using the right marketing strategy does wonders for your sale, and visual representation is a powerful tool for it. Under 3D Interior Rendering, we provide 3D renderings that are specially created for interior design. With 3D visuals of room interiors, sell your properties at lightning speed.

5. Housecraft - Best Interactive Room Design App

housecraft header

Housecraft’s interactive approach brings home design to life. This iOS app recreates the experience of playing with dollhouses through its interactive room design features.

Drag and drop furnishings into floor plans to interactively arrange your space. Walk through 3D renderings to see your design from every angle. Housecraft’s intuitive controls make it easy to experiment with layouts and decorating options.

While not as robust in furnishings compared to apps like Homestyler, Housecraft delivers on hands-on interactivity. Use this design app to bring your interior decorating ideas to life through its interactive 3D experience.

6. Magicplan - Best Floor Plan App for Augmented Reality


Magicplan stands out for its augmented reality-enhanced measuring and floor planning. This clever app uses your phone’s camera and AR technology to capture room dimensions.

To create a floor plan, open Magicplan and slowly pan your phone’s camera around each room. The app automatically measures and maps room proportions to generate an accurate layout. Furnishings and fixtures can also be added and viewed in 3D.

For floor planning new or existing spaces, Magicplan delivers an easy AR-driven approach. The free version accommodates projects of up to 10 rooms. Magicplan is available on iOS and Android and integrates with apps like Excel, AutoCAD, and Google Drive.

7. Home Design 3D - Best Decorating Visualization App

Home Design 3D

Bring your room designs to life with Home Design 3D’s realistic decorating visualization. This user-friendly app focuses on interior decoration with tools to arrange furnishings and experiment with styles.

Home Design 3D stands out with its massive catalogue of over 6000 furniture and accessory items. Drag and drop pieces into room plans to design realistic living spaces. Visualization renders in high-quality 3D for an authentic decorating preview.

Use Home Design 3D to easily mix and match furnishings or test drive bold decorating choices. While the free version has limited functionality, the full app packs robust features for bringing interior plans to life. Download Home Design 3D on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

8. RoomSketcher Home Designer - Best for DIY Floor Plans

RoomSketcher Home Designer App for Mac and

RoomSketcher Home Designer delivers professional-grade floor planning for DIYers. This popular home design app packs technical tools that make it easy for amateurs to create accurate layouts.

Intuitive drawing aids, smart dimensioning, and an easy-edit interface simplify floor plan creation. Choose from over 8000 furnishings and accessories to design fully decorated rooms. View floor plans in 2D or 3D perspective, including dollhouse views.

RoomSketcher Home Designer rivals paid software with its DIY-friendly technical drawing tools. Use it to design and decorate homes, offices, hotels, and other interiors. The limited free version provides ample functionality for most homeowners’ projects.

9. Roomle - Best Online Room Planner

roomle configurator basic 1

Roomle provides full online room planning and visualization with no required downloads. This web-based home design app delivers core floor planning and decorating features through any desktop browser.

Drag-and-drop floor plan creation, customizable furnishings, and catalogue decorating items allow you to design full-room interiors. Walkthrough visualization displays your designs in 3D from every angle.

For basic home design without downloading software, Roomle is an excellent choice. While the free version is limited, premium subscriptions unlock more capabilities starting at $19 per month.

10. Roomstyler - Best for Quick Online Room Design


Design gorgeous rooms online in minutes with Roomstyler. This user-friendly web app simplifies interior decoration with quick drag-and-drop tools.

Choose from suggested room layouts or create your own footprint. Add furnishings and decor from Roomstyler’s catalogue of real-brand items. Their 3D renderer displays your design beautifully, which can be shared or saved to your free account.

For direct but customizable room design, Roomstyler delivers. The easy interface makes it perfect for fast, visually pleasing plans. Upgrade to premium for more design options.

Conclusion: Transform Your Home with the Best Free Apps

Creating a new look for your home is an exciting but daunting challenge. The right home design app removes the guesswork by letting you visualize plans true to life. Today’s free interior decoration apps place pro-level features in anyone’s hands.

We hope this overview of the best free home design apps helps you pick the perfect solution for your next project. Download a couple to test drive the features and interface.

With an intuitive and customizable home design app, you can finally create the interior design you’ve been dreaming about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home design apps allow easy visualization, floor plan creation, virtual furniture placement, realistic 3D rendering, and exploration of different decor options. They make interior design accessible.

Room Planner is the best home design app for virtually trying IKEA products since it has an official partnership with the furniture company.

Planner 5D mimics professional CAD software with technical tools for designing multi-level floor plans and expert 3D visualization.

Magicplan uses augmented reality and your phone’s camera to automatically measure and map room dimensions to generate floor plans.

Home Design 3D provides high-quality 3D rendering of a massive catalogue of over 6000 furnishing and accessory items to realistically preview decor.

Floor Planner offers specialized planning assets tailored to office, commercial, outdoor, and other non-residential space design.

Floor Planner offers specialized planning assets tailored to office, commercial, outdoor, and other non-residential space design.